Celebratory gunfire

Every year we have injuries or deaths as a result of aerial firing. The sound of gunfire echoing across the city at the stroke of midnight on Aug 13 is symbolic of ‘freedom’, whenever Pakistan beats India in a cricket match, the sound of gunfire becomes a symbol of nationwide elation, and the same applies to electoral victories and even weddings.

While celebratory firing is illegal, it remains prevalent and common in the country. Despite the practice leading to several accidental deaths, the tradition unfortunately continues unabated. In some parts of the country, celebratory firing is part of culture, and when people with such cultural background move to other parts of the country and settle there, their practices engulf the larger community as well.

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What is frustrating is the fact that the aerial firing and use of firecrackers are continuing despite an order having been issued by the Supreme Court against such practices.

All segments of society must come forward and play their role in raising voice against this menace. Prayer leaders may use the Friday sermons to raise awareness on the issue.



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