Imran Khan urges CJP to probe into torture inflicted upon Senator Swati, Gill

GUJRANWALA: PTI chairman Imran again demanded justice from the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) for the torture inflicted on PTI leaders Shahbaz Gill and Senator Azam Swati.

“We will never forget it. The nation will never forget,” he said in an address to a huge rally of PTI supporters here in Gujranwala on his day-5 of the long march.

“And what they did with Arshad Sharif […] he told me who was threatening him. Chief Justice sahab you should take interest in this yourself. Arshad Sharif is first sent outside and then he is killed. I am asking you today. If you [CJP] and the judiciary don’t stand for us, then who will,” Imran argued.

“There isn’t more time left now. I know you are sweating now […] Sanaullah, when you and Shehbaz Sharif […] These rats are threatening us,” said Khan.

“Listen to me, when we reach Islamabad […] listen to me Sanaullah […] when we reach Islamabad […] the police you are spending millions on will join us because they too are against thieves,” he said.


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