Police arrest two men accused of gang raping tourist

MULTAN: The police have arrested at least two people after a 21-year-old American woman claimed she was gang raped at a hotel when she was visiting a tourist resort in Dera Ghazi Khan, officials said Wednesday.

The detainees included Arabela Urpi’s host, who took her to a hotel in the border district where she says she was sexually assaulted this week, according to an initial police investigation.

She arrived in Pakistan three weeks ago, according to police. However, according to several press reports, Urpi, who is on a tourist visa, had been living in Pakistan for over seven months.

Police say they are still investigating to determine how she was lured and taken to a hotel by the two men accused of raping her. The woman earlier stayed at the home of one of the alleged attackers for five days.

The US Embassy in Islamabad told The Associated Press that its consulate in Lahore was ready to provide consular services to the victim.

“The protection of US citizens overseas is the highest priority of the US Department of State and our embassies and consulates abroad,” it said. It added, “out of respect for the privacy of the alleged victim, we cannot comment on the specifics of the allegation.”

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