Malankand Div remains shut in protest against power outages, inflation

SWAT: The business community across Swat and other districts of Malakand Division observed a shutdown against the ever-rising inflation and prolonged power load-shedding here on Tuesday.

The shutdown was announced by the Malakand Division Traders Federations last Friday. All major commercial business centres, markets and shops in Mingora city, Khwaza Khela, Matta, Charbagh and Kalam valley remained shut throughout Tuesday.

Marble factories, power looms and other business centres also remained closed across Malakand region.

The traders led by Swat Traders Federation President Abdur Rahim said that the current government failed to address the issues of common people, adding that instead mitigating public miseries, it is crushing the masses under its tyrant policies of price hike, unscheduled and prolonged power load-shedding.

“We are shocked to observe the unjust policies of the current government, which was showing its incompetency to run the country. The rulers do not realize public miseries but are constantly increasing prices of the daily-use items, petrol and utility bills,” added Abdur Rahim.

He regretted that the poor people and middle-class were not even able to purchase flour and other staple food items, adding the constant rise in the prices of food items, unemployment and prolonged loadshedding have now become unbearable.

The business community said that the government had completely failed to understand public issues as the worst loadshedding, ever-increasing unemployment and price hike on a daily basis have deprived the common man of their right to live.

They said that the situation reached an alarming point as many people started begging due to unemployment and price hike. “This is our duty to resist the oppressive policies of the government and we will not allow it to further crush the poor masses with its inhuman policies,” they added.

On the other hand, some commercial and business centres in Kabal Tehsil and Barikot Tehsil remained open. Medical stores and restaurants also remained open in Mingora city due to the decision of traders.


Syed Shahabuddin
Syed Shahabuddin
Reporter at Pakistan Today


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