Preventative measures against pollution

Pollation is toxin that mix in the natural environment and harm both human beingd and animals. Plants also get affected by pollution. There are many forms of pollution, like air, water, soil and noise pollution.

However, there are other forms of pollution, light pollution, radioactive polution, light pollution and so on. Natural and human activities both contribute to pollution. Volcanic erruptions or oil and gas leakage can cause pollution.

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According to experts, human activities cause most of the pollution.

It is because of the commercialization of natural things. Human turn many natural things into human made things to satisfy their needs. We use more than our needs, which adversely effect nature. The gases from vehicles and factories pullute the air. The land and water are polluted by solid garbage from factories, households and so on.

In rural areas, agriculture wastes, pesticides cause pollution. The noise pollution is caused by the massive sound of music, vehicles and machinery. The pollution also leads to global warming. We cannot completely remove pillution but we can surely reduce it by implementing a few preventative measures. To increase oxygen in the air and make the air pure, we must plant trees on a large level. We should use natural things judiciously. We have to understand the difference between need and want. To decrease the level of land and water pollution, we must avoid using plastic bags we should use vehicles less to decrease air pollution and noise pollution.

We should maintain a proper drainage system to protect the water from getting polluted. We cannot stop natural activities but we can control our actions. If we do so, we can minimize the impacts of pollution in nature.



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