Feudalism in Sindh

Feudalism has been gradually eliminated in a number of countries, but somehow it still exists very strongly in Pakistan, particularly in Sindh, although not in its original sense.

It is one of the intricate and grave issues of Pakistan, particularly in Sindh, where landlords, called feudalists or Waderas, quash the paramount and basic rights of people living there. It is undoubtedly a humongous deterrent which is hampering and barricading the development of Pakistan. Since the dawn of Pakistan on the world map, it has been enduring lethal and exquisite degree of attacks of feudalists. Feudalistic mentality was first portrayed by British colonists in the subcontinent in order keep eye on the movement of citizens by deploying Military or police personnel. Ironically, after the independence, Pakistan could not exterminate the clutches of feudalism in the country. It spread rapidly among its provinces where Sindh remained miserably under its domination.

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People in interior Sindh are still strangled with this pathetic sub-system of government. Due to colossal power of feudalists, no one can dare to raise voice again them. Thus, it is trampling and usurping their right to choice and freedom in sindh. People are made subordinate to the orders of landlords without any decent wages. They are made helpless and destitute to work below their feet. They barely fill their empty bellies for one time. Broadly speaking, Feudalism is the apple of discord in interior Sindh for many other skirmishes. It makes people deprive of their daily breed including right to education, right to freedom of expression and right to express public opinion. These all miseries and grievances of people are corollaries of Feudalistic set-up. Such a chaotic state of affairs rapidly culminates into intertribal conflicts.

This system not only snatches daily breed of its citizens but also keeps them away from accomplishing their academic career in Sindh. The forlorn peasants working under lavish feudalists hardly send their children to educational institution because of constant threat by feudalists. This fear is so strong and peasants so terrified that they seem to have accepted the domination, which goes totally against the basic human rights. The situation also creates hurdles in the democratic process in the province as the freedom of vote is suppressed. Feudal perceive that if a son of peasant start to flourish in education, he will construct a gigantic barricade to our set-up. Regardless to this, landlord keep people backward and uneducated, economically dependent and rule them blindly to consolidate their power over the area.

World has progressed significantly and people of sindh are still under the influence of feudalists. It is time to erode the influence of feudalism in Sindh in order to make sure development and betterment of the province. There is need of pragmatic strategies which can make people of sindh cognizant of their political, social as well as economic freedom.  Hence, the concept of feudalism needs to be curbed on a priority basis in order to achieve progress and prosperity in our beloved country.



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