Bid adieu to the year of sorrow

Bid adieu to the year 2021, it was not favourable for the people of Pakistan. This past year has taken the lives of two legends. One was iron man Dr Abdul Qadir Khan who has empowered the first Islamic country of the world, Pakistan with a nuclear bomb. And another was a versatile film actor, best scriptwriter, and stage comedian Muhammad Umar Sharif who won the audience with laughter. These two legends were the pride of the nation lost the life in this past year 2021.

This past year has witnessed an unfortunate tragedy in the form of a blast on independence day in Karachi taking the life of 12 individuals and injuring several during the ring grenade attack on a mini-truck in the outskirts of Karachi.

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In the year 2021, the reported rape cases total in the country were 1040, of which in Sindh reported 60, Punjab 936, Islamabad 13, Balochistan 11, KPK 20.

There were several high-profile cases where crimes of the most heinous nature were reported on social media, then later they got the attention of the authorities. The sexual assault by Mufti Aziz Rehamn of the madrassah student, Usman Mirza’s sexual assault on the couple at his apartment, and Noor Mukadooms murder case all received a lot of attention; unfortunately, we have not seen swift justice.

The most shameful incident happened near the end of the year. Priyantha Kumar was assaulted by a mob of hundred people before being dragged into the streets and set on a fire at Sialkot. He was a major of the sports manufactured factory.

This past year saw record inflation in the country. The people are not only hand to mouth but have cried over the cost of life living. The salaried man and the small businessman complained over the incremental surge of inflation in the country. Life becomes very miserable to live. Due to extreme poverty, the crime ratio has increased. Helpless indigent people go to practice heinous crimes to sustain their life. This past of 2021 was sorrowful, it has happened to cause some tragic events in the country.

But, at the same, it has brought some favourable events as well. Vaccines for the coronavirus were rolled out over the world. Pakistan has managed a relatively successfully vaccination campaign, and some sectors of society, previously shut down by the pandemic, have opened up like the educational sector. Students had suffered a lot in 2020 due to education being made online. In 2021, campuses of educational institutes were finally opened again.

It is hoped that 2022 will be bright for Pakistan and the world. We dream that it shall cause the eradication of poverty, corruption, and unemployment. The law and security shall be at the best of people. There shall be no violation of rights and abuse of human values. The fundamental rights of people shall be respected. The state shall ensure to function properly and play its role as a parent.

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The new year 2022 will meet the expectations of the poor and needy people humbly. The suppression of any sort that we have endured in the following year shall culminate.



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