Karachi receives winter’s first spell of rain

Karachi receives winter’s first spell of rain in form of a light, scattered drizzle across the city.

Areas near Scheme 33, Lasbela, Gurumandir and MA Jinnah Road witnessed the rain spell.

It is pertinent to note that the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) stated that light rain may occur intermittently in Karachi from today till tomorrow (Monday) night.

They added that it is likely to be cloudy throughout the day on Sunday with the minimum temperature recorded in Karachi at 17 degrees Celsius.

The department further said that a new wave of cold is expected in Karachi from December 28, and its effects may continue till January 5, 2022. The temperature in the cold wave could go below 10 degrees Celsius.

“Minimum visibility for the day is one kilometer, while the maximum temperature is expected to be 26 degrees Celsius”.

The showers are also expected to sweep away the prevailing smoggy conditions in urban cities, the Met Office said, adding the water stress in barani areas is also likely to subside.

Earlier on Wednesday, PMD stated that “a light spell of downpour and snowfall is likely to begin from Saturday in most areas of the country under the effect of a strong westerly weather system”.



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