Traffic menace

Today Quetta’s population stands at approximately 1,001,205 million, which is much more than what the city was designed for. While the city’s population has constantly increased, there have been little to no advancements in the city itself to accommodate and facilitate the growing population. Over the years, there have been minor modifications to the roads and routes in Quetta but most of them are the same as they were prior to Pakistan’s independence. The infrastructure of the city is in dire straits — one that needs immediate reformation.

It is impossible for people to travel during rush hour because of extensive traffic jams in different parts of the city. The poor traffic system is an outcome of the crumbling infrastructure, many roads cannot be used at all because they are a safety hazard. Therefore, people are forced to take the same routes. The traffic jams have become severely distressing for the citizens because they often result in spat amongst drivers, cause delays in reaching destinations, and are tiresome. Traffic signals on the roads do not work and there is an absence of sergeants to control the traffic. Regular VIP movements cause further chaos. The city lacks management, which needs to be addressed by the governing bodies. Funds allocated for the development of the infrastructure should be used efficiently. Roads, flyovers, and underpasses must be constructed to ease travel within the city, and traffic signals must be instated. Sergeants should be placed in commercial areas to control and regulate the flow of traffic. On more than one occasion, the citizens of Quetta have protested the poor traffic conditions. Unfortunately, their calls have fallen on deaf ears. Through this letter, I want to draw the attention of the relevant authorities to consider this matter in earnest.

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Imran Mohammad Shahi


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