Students observe Children’s Day by donating gifts to orphans

ISLAMABAD: Expressing solidarity with the orphan and kids in need, students demanded the elders to protect the rights of the children as well as to make this world a better livable place.

In order to project the message of children rights and to promote good living facilities for orphans and poor children, the students organized a 5 kilometers walk.

They also collected gifts to be handed over to the children of Pakistan Sweet home. On Saturday, the Preparatory School Islamabad (PSI) children organized a colorful function and a walkathon on the occasion of International Children’s Day. Children sang special songs to project the message of children rights in the society.

On this occasion the children gave the message that for the protection of children’s rights, resolution of world’s problems and for the spread of peace and love the elders should play a practical role.

The children presented a special tableau in which they project the theme of children representing the core of this world. The children received a lot of applause from the audience for this presentation.

At the end of the function a walk was organized, which started after the chief guest Saad Ashraf cut a ribbon for this purpose. Children, teachers and parents participated in the walkathon.

During the walkathon the children were holding placards in their hands on which the slogans for children right, peace and harmony in the world and providing support to the helpless and such themes and slogans were inscribed.

In connection with the International Children Day, the blue ribbons were tied to the wrists of children and blue balloons were released in the air.

On this occasion children of the school gave away the gifts that they had brought with them to the children of Pakistan Sweet Home as a token of solidarity with them.


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