Increasing corruption

Corruption is increasing day by day in our country. It affects both the national economy as well as people’s regular life. I am a regular reader of your daily writing. This letter today is to express my concern regarding corruption in our country.
According to transparency international report 2020, Pakistan’s rank is 124 out of 180. It’s a surprise for me because those nations where corruption is so high can’t grow economically as well as morally. Corruption also hits your social values and norms. Here in Pakistan, two bodies are present to control the corruption NAB and the anti-corruption unit. Police, judiciary, district account office, land and revenue department are some examples of the most corrupt institutes currently in public sector. Although two main bodies are present, NAB and Anti-Corruption unit, corruption is increasing day by day in our country. When I investigated and checked facts and figures, how is it possible that we are going towards becoming one of the most corrupt countries every year. The first reason is that political parties cannot undertake reform through legislation against corruption because of their personal benefits. The second one is political appointments in NAB and anti-corruption units. The third one is our judicial and prosecution system; prosecution is not well trained especially in white-collar crime. So conviction rate is low as compared to other countries. It is high time for our government and opposition to participate in legislation against corruption before it is too late. Because when your norms and values are destroyed, you as a nation are destroyed.

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