Balochistan suspends 70 Levies personnel for refusing vaccine

Assistant Commissioner Habib Bangalzai said on Thursday that some 70 Levies personnel have been suspended from Duki district, Balochistan as they did not get themselves vaccinated against Covid-19 in spite of official requests.

The AC in his issued statement explained that the paramilitary personnel had been told to get Covid-19 jabs but they turned a blind eye to “repeated reminders”.

“As a result, they have been suspended and their salaries withheld,” the statement added.

The personnel suspended over apparent reluctance to get the vaccines include two naib tehsildars, three constables, a muharrar, and a wireless operator.

The deputy commissioner had earlier asked the levies personnel to ensure their vaccinations to protect themselves from the Covid-19.

The National Command and Operation Centre had on June 9 made coronavirus vaccines mandatory for all public and private sector employees, directing government employees to be fully vaccinated by June 30.

The national tally on Thursday of total active Covid-19 cases was recorded 31,767 with 1,037 more people tested positive for the deadly virus and 836 people recovered from the disease during the last 24 hours.

40 corona patients have died during the past 24 hours, 36 of whom were under treatment in the hospitals and four of them perished in their respective homes or quarantine facilities, according to the latest update issued by the NCOC.

Most of the deaths occurred in Sindh and followed by Punjab. Out of the total 40 deaths that occurred, 20 of them died were under treatment on ventilators.

There were 1,844 Covid infected patients under treatment in critical condition in various Covid dedicated healthcare facilities of the country.

The National Covid positivity ratio during the past 24 hours was recorded at 2.2 percent.
The Covid positivity ratio is the percentage of actual positive cases appearing in every 100 tests performed to identify infected individuals.

The maximum ventilators were occupied in four major cities including Islamabad 22 percent, Bahawalpur 20 percent, Peshawar 21 percent and Multan 23 percent.
The maximum oxygen beds were also occupied in four major cities of Gilgit 48 percent, Rawalpindi 18 percent, Karachi 24 percent and Multan21 percent.

Around 239 ventilators were occupied elsewhere in the country while no Covid affected person was on a ventilator in Balochistan, and Gilgit Baltistan.

Some 46,145 tests were conducted across the country on Wednesday, including 14,520 in Sindh, 17,107 in Punjab, 10,066 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 2,808 in Islamabad Capital Territory, 637 in Balochistan, 455 in GB, and 552 in AJK.

Around 904,320 people have recovered from the disease so far across Pakistan, marking a significant 90 percent recovery ratio of the affected patients.

A total of 958,408 cases detected so far, which are 20,343 in AJK, 27,178 in Balochistan, 6,138 GB, 82,706 ICT, 1,38,068 in KP, 3,46,301 Punjab, and 3,37,674 in Sindh.

There were 22,321 deaths across the country so far. Therein, Sindh has had 5464 deaths, of which 21 died in hospital and 3 died out of the hospital on 30 June. Punjab has had wherein 7 died in hospital and 1 died out of the hospital on 30 June. KP has had 4320 wherein 4 died in hospital on 30 June.

Moreover, ICT has seen 779 deaths, wherein 2 died in hospital on 30 June. Balochistan has had 309 deaths wherein 1 died in hospital on 30 June. GB has witnessed 111 deaths while AJK has had 583 deaths wherein 1 died in hospital on 30 June.

14,590,230 tests conducted 639 hospitals with covid facilities with 2102 patients admitted across the country.

Since the pandemic broke out, a total of 958,408 cases were detected that also included the perished, recovered and under treatment Covid-19 patients so far, including AJK 20,343, Balochistan 27,178, GB 6,138, ICT 82,706, KP 138,068, Punjab 346,301 and Sindh 337,674.

About 22,321 deaths were recorded in the country since the eruption of the contagion. Around 5,464 people perished in Sindh, 21 of them died in hospitals and three out of the hospitals on Wednesday.

Some 10,755 people died in Punjab with seven deaths occurred in the hospitals and one out of the hospitals in the past 24 hours.

As many as 4,320 people expired in KP, four of them died in hospitals, 779 individuals died in ICT, two of them perished in the hospital, 309 people died in Balochistan, one of them expired in the hospital, 111 infected people perished in GB and 583 people in AJK succumbed to the deadly virus, one of them expired in the hospital.

A total of 14,590,230 corona tests have been conducted so far, while 639 hospitals are equipped with Covid facilities across the country. Some 2,102 corona patients were admitted to hospitals.

with additional input from APP

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