Do not forget the poor this Eid

Indeed one of the greatest acts of kindness is giving the charity for the poor ones. In Islam, we can read a number of incidents which show the importance of charity. Helping others is a trait that is encouraged by our religion. Moreover, our Beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) commanded Muslims to help those in need and distress.

Eid is the right time to revive your bonds and connections with those people who don’t have enough resources to celebrate this event with clothes as good as yours maybe. They are deprived of true happiness and enjoyment of most awaited Islamic festival. As the Eid ul-Fitr nears, I hope everyone is done with their Eid shopping but the rich community should not forget that souls who are living in slums, having no roof to live under, no proper and healthy food to eat, no clothes to dress up and having nothing to celebrate Eid.

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Every year God gives us a golden chance to create harmony and to cover the difference between upper and lower classes. But we miss the chance just for our own happiness. We waste money on the Chaand Raat and we get out in bazaars for fun and waste a lot of money. Alas! We have forgotten the core values of Islam and true meaning of this religious accession. Although, there are several ways to help our poor sisters and brothers who are not gifted enough by God.

One of the foremost sources is our Zakaat and Fitrana. If we want to enjoy the real meaning of peace and inner satisfaction, just donate some amount of money even if you have it. It doesn’t matter how much you donate. This is an opportunity to gain Allah’s appreciation.

Saira Jan


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  1. The age of charity is over. Improving the country is an obligation. Pakistan needs to get its act together. If there are slums in Pakistan, Pakistan needs to remedy them. The prophet would curse people whose garments were extravagant into the pits of hell. The rulers of Pakistan need to get the elite in line, or someone else will. Pakistan is not India.


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