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The normal class setup is perfect if you are the the average student and started straight out of high school. However, if you are a non-traditional student you are slightly hindered by the class choices presented to you. According to the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, a non-traditional student is largely categorized as someone over the age of 24. These students typically have families that impact their ability to successfully complete a higher education and/or work full time. As a non-traditional student, I feel that if universities were to expand on the selection of online classes, enrollment would go up for those non-traditional students. UT currently offers only a select few online courses, especially compared to other schools. On the other hand many college students and their dad and mom are of the opinion that online training are pressure approaches by non-public universities to extract prices. If these institutions are so involved approximately training they ought to waive the expenses altogether after which ask the federal and provincial authorities for compensation. I can say with full authority that private universities are continuously deleting students’ remarks on charge submission posts that they add on their reliable pages.

Tahir ayaz

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