The fee mafia

I want to shed light on a very serious issue which is being observed all over Pakistan. As you know due to this pandemic all educational institutions are observing summer vacations. For the ease of parents the government has announced twenty percent off on the fee for all.
Despite this official statement only few of them are following this. Schools are demanding to pay fee first and then to pick up the summer vacation homework from the school. Even colleges and universities are charging a full fee which is a very high amount to pay. Students who were residing in hostels have already paid dues though they are not using resources, the fee is not refunded. Due to the lock-down there has been loss in businesses and many have lost their jobs, so it is very difficult for them to pay in such a situation as not only they have to pay tuition fee but also have to provide for their family. This is a very critical situation as most people already are living from hand to mouth. This mafia is only thinking of themselves exploiting the parents by saying “child’s future”. Poor parents pay fees forcefully because they do not want to ruin their child’s future and want the best for them.
Tehreem Tariq

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