Street crime

Street crime is any criminal offense done in public place. It includes kidnapping, open illegal drug trade, pickpocketing, extortion etc.

Open Illegal drug trade is the lowest level of drug distribution network. They operate in geographically areas so buyers and sellers can locate one another at any time, without any difficulty. Most commonly sold drugs are heroin, cocaine and marijuana. Dealing with open-air drug markets presents a challenge for the police because the dealers need to be tackled effectively to reduce the harms that illicit drug use can inflict on local community. Poverty, unemployment and parent neglect are the major reasons of increasing street crimes day by day in our society. Mostly, the culprit usually does such act in desolate place so that they can easily run and escape from being caught by the police. To reduce street crimes, public places should be monitored with cameras and the victim must know some self-defence techniques so that at-least they can save their lives.

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