Govt schools in total neglect

The educational process has been abominably affected following incomplete renovation work at Government High School Tarr Khowaja. The school that has produced highly-skilled professionals in different walks of life is facing total neglect at the part of the authorities concerned.
The Government High School with a current enrollment of 110 students is situated in Tarr Khowaja some 30 kilometers away from the coastal town Jati of district Sujawal. Tarr Khowaja the native village of the renowned scholar Dr. Ghulam Ali Allana, Environmentalist, Dr. Mansoor Khowaja, and Dr. Sumeera Aziz-completed her PHD last year from University of california carries significant importance in the district with around 95% literacy ratio. The School was set up in 1988 and Mr. Mumtaz Ali Khowaja was installed as its first headmaster who took this school to the heights of success and fame followed by Abdul Rahim Khalifa, Siddique Thaheem, Ashiq Ali Kumbar, and Ashgar Ali Khowaja who also contributed to the progress of this School. The sitting Headmaster of the School Mushtaq Khowaja told this correspondent who was also the student of this school that; He had assumed the charge a year ago and resumption of the renovation work of the building would be his priority.
Qasim Ali Khowaja a teacher teaching in this school for 14 years said that; Natural disasters particularly the cyclone during the year 1999 and heavy rains in 2003 landed substantial defacement to the building but after the flash flood in 2010 the building was no more suitable for educational activities and the roof of the building was on the verge of collapse.
He further said that; Following the imminent danger of collapse the school was made functional in the building of the nearby primary school.
The tender for the reconstruction was approved soon and the work started in 2011. The contractor stopped the reconstruction work after the removal of the roof, giving different reasons. Two years later the roof of the building was restored with the efforts of Asghar Khowaja, the then head Master of the School. The headmaster said that; Large cracks had developed in the walls of the building and in the roof that was restored while potholes in the ground made it difficult for the students to walk, all that was a constant threat to the lives of students as well as the teachers.
He further said that; The school was the only source of quality education for the 20 thousand population of union council Begna, Shah Kapoor, and Maro Bhulla Khan. Taluka education officer Muhammad Zakir Muhammadani said that; He had time after time approached the deputy commissioner District Education Officer and the Department of Works and services for construction work resumption but to no avail.

Kamran Khamiso Khawaja


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