Post-colonial elitism

Recently, a video went viral on social media of two restaurant owners of Islamabad, who were interviewing their restaurant manager in English language and asked him to introduce himself in English, facing the camera. The reason for this nonsense was to get entertainment because they were bored. Rather he responds well enough in English, but his accent was not much perfect as the western accent. They both laughed at him saying, is this the result of his English language courses for which he was paid with a high salary. This is seriously disgusting and the sign of low mentality, to tease a man for his speaking accent in front of the camera. This video is a clear picture of bullying and harassment. It also highlights the relationship between class and language. English, the language of the elite class is seen as a marker of success and prestige. An English spoken man is considered superior over others. Some institutions mandate students to speak English language none another one. Elite class children tend to speak English by birth and all their education is done in English, so what he/she learn from it! That result in instances like the one in the restaurant. Urdu speakers are still considered as uneducated or inferior because their accent is not much perfect as the western accent. In a society, speaking English is a sign of proud and superiority. Firstly we need to change our minds about this. Instead of judging people, we should appreciate them as much. This severe issue should be resolved by taking all the required measures against it.

Uswa Naeem

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