Increased domestic violence

During the severe conditions of Covid-19,the issue of domestic violence has touched its heights. According to DW, the authorities registered 3217 cases between March and May. The government officials announced 25%increase in domestic violence in Eastern Punjab province. A woman stated she was beaten up by her husband for demanding the money for food items.
The sources disclose that the reason is mental issues arising because of critical financial problems resulting from unemployment. The domestic violence makes the children at the house indirect survivors of violence causing juvenile psychological and mental problems. We are still facing second wave although its not as severe as other countries but there’s the threat as warned by WHO and the cure by available vaccine is not obvious so God forbid if the pandemic situation demands lockdown back, there would be immense and alarming increase in domestic violence all across the country. The authorities need to pay heed to these violent conditions and work is needed to be done at country level to make this country safe and respectful place for women especially who are facing the unemployment and critical financial issues.

Laiba Kaleem

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