Human rights

There are many roles for us regarding human rights, but I am going to tell you about some of them. Such as injustice, women education, and domestic violence.
1.Injustic: In my opinion it’s our duty we should highlight our issues and work together to fight again injustice. The reason is that, we should need to raise our voices to people and authorities do something around us. Also, it’s our responsibilities we should convenience friends, family members, and acquaintances do impressive works for there neighbourhoods and socities.
2.Women Education: Women education is the biggest problems in Balochistan where large members of students are out of school. Specially, in the villages side, it’s our labilities to convince the village people let there women or girls for education because a country never prosperous until it’s women are uneducated or unemployment. Recently, there’s is a girl who wanted to study further in her life, but her family didn’t allow her even they are educated people. Now the question arises if they are educated than why they didn’t leave her because they said she is alone, but I met with her one member of family and I said his. If I request you one matter will you accept it. He said yes, I said his I am going to supply my documents for M.A and you should leave your sister with me. Than soon my friend inform me I supplied my document for M.A and we both got admission there. Look at here how it changed one life. If we do more, we will get more information and education our female in our areas.
3.Domestic violence: It’s the common illegal issue in not only Balochistan in all Pakistan domestic violence. There are almost women following by violence of house works, sexual abuse, forced by husbands etc. Women are not made for violence they are made for honor, respect and making bright the families. In conclusion, I think that, we should make something positive for the human rights regarding to three issues injustice, women education and domestic violence we should highlight on other issues and write notice to the government to take action of human rights.

Zaiwer Baqi

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