No to dowry

A powerful message addressed UN Women Pakistan supports NUMAISH – a pledge against dowry by @ALIXEESHAN. His new collection aims to educate today’s youth to pledge that we will say no to dowry. The evil of dowry has marred several lives. It has assumed an alarming situation these days of soaring prices. Dowry system is curse in Islam. It is social evil. Today, no marriage is considered to be complete unless it is followed by a train of dowry. Hardy a day passes when we do not hear of a case of bride-burning here and there in the country. The poor parents of the girls heave cold sighs when the marriage becomes a wreck. The evil practice of dowry has given rise to many social ills. This cruel practice must be done away with. Boys and girls should come forward and take vow not to take or give dowry. Mothers should be discouraged from giving dowry. Much should not be spent on marriages. Day-marriages should be popularized. The number of guests should be limited. Strict action should be taken against the defaulters. Let us hope that this monster of dowry is not allowed to blast the happy meadows of married life. I request you to give wide publicity to these views of mine. Thanking you.

Neha Javed

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