Non – synchronised development in power sector

In the face of numerous autonomous power companies in the generation , transmission and distribution sectors , it is next to impossible that synchronised development is ensured in these companies so that country’s generation , transmission and distribution systems  expand proportionally  and are compatible with each other to give a safe and a reliable power supply system across the country .

And this can not happen with the present set  – up where administrative and technical control is distributed among different power companies without a unified central body to see that the power network accross the country is planned constructively and projects are simultaneously executed in the generation , transmission and distribution sectors to ensure a synchronised development as and where needed .

The power breakdowns , blackouts and load shedding will continue to be witnessed in the absence of a proper centralized effective administrative & technical control over the whole power system.

The fact that load shedding is going on in different parts of the country inspite of surplus generation proves the point . People are rightly talking of mismatch of generation , transmission and distribution systems being one of the main causes of poor and unreliable power supply system .

The brunt of inadequate , inefficient and incompetent masters of the power sector has to be borne by the hostage and hapless consumers in industrial , commercial and domestic sectors for no fault of theirs .

The capability of the power ministry , its advisors and top management ( or mismanagement) is questionable . The recent country wide total blackout lasting for several hours should serve as an eye opener to all . Apart from colossal financial losses , the element of security risk can not be ruled out if such incidents are not prevented .

In any case , to sum up , a thorough overhaul of the entire power sector is warranted , as its matters appear to be out of control .

Engr Riaz Bhutta


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