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Malik Muhammad Ashraf

BISP fraud

Not only must the fraudulent be punished, but also their ill-gotten gain recovered The Benazir Income Support Programme started by the PPP regime in 2008, with the support of the Department of

Malik Muhammad Ashraf

Sheer hypocrisy

Trump sppke about the Iranian people while ignoring the Kashmiris In the wake of anti-government demonstrations in Tehran over the accidental shooting down of a Ukrainian aitliner, US President Donald Trump has

Malik Muhammad Ashraf

Hindutva at work

The BJP’s biases reflect Savarkar’s hate ideology Standing true to the philosophy of ‘Hindutava’ the Modi government over the past six year has vigorously practiced communal politics with Muslim minority being its

Malik Muhammad Ashraf

Myth of normalcy in IOK

The agony of the Valley continues Notwithstanding the fact that the world at large has not endorsed the Indian action regarding Indian-Occupied Kashmir, expressed growing concern over the humanitarian crisis building up