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Malik Muhammad Ashraf

What a shame

Here’s what happens when the morality police lives in glass houses       Since the day PTI’s MNA Aeysha Gulalai has come out with the revelation of sexual harassment by the

Malik Muhammad Ashraf

It’s a shame.

         Needless to emphasise that article 62 and 63 inserted in the constitution by a military dictator were a sequel to his malicious intentions. He never wanted to ensure access of only

Malik Muhammad Ashraf

Belief and unity

Miracles do happen   Let us envisage a worst scenario in which the court, in spite of the prevailing suspicion-laden atmosphere and the controversy surrounding the JIT, disqualifies the Prime Minister. The

Malik Muhammad Ashraf


Indian isolation, economic diplomacy and a new world order in the making The One Belt One Road summit – which drew one hundred and thirty delegations and the heads of twenty-nine states