PTI says to consider Achakzai’s suggestions following talk with govt

ISLAMABAD: PTI leader Raoof Hassan on Saturday said that party founder Imran Khan would consider any “constructive suggestions” brought forward by Pashtunkhwa Milli Awami Party chairman Mahmood Achakzai through his dialogue with the ruling coalition.

In an interview with a private, the PTI spokesperson said that the party’s stance had not changed since the beginning.

Commenting PTI Chairman Barrister Gohar Khan’s remarks the party being open to negotiations, Hasan said they had approached Imran following Gohar’s comments, where the PTI founder said that no such statement was given.

“There will not be any direct contact with the parties that have stolen the mandate,” Gohar quoted Imran as saying.

“Regarding Mehmood Khan Achakzai, Imran said that if he wanted to talk [to the opposition] on his own then he is allowed,” he said.

“We cannot pressure any party if they think that they can play a constructive role then they should try,” Hasan said.

“Imran said today that if they bring forward constructive suggestions, we would consider them. It is an open-ended policy.”

While responding to the question of whether PTI has given the authority to negotiate to the PkMAP chairman, Raoof said: “No, PTI’s position is clear. Do not confuse two things together. PTI’s position is clear that we don’t want any contact with mandate thieves.”

“If he [Achakzai] comes to us and says that this is something positive and we should move forward with it, to that Imran has said that we will consider it,” Hasan said.


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