KP food authority continues crackdown counterfeit food products

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Food Safety and Halal Food Authority (FS&HFA) continues its crackdown on the adulteration mafia and counterfeit food products and carried out raids in Swabi, Nowshehra, Malakand, and Mardan, seizing hundreds of liters of hazardous and fake beverages as well as substandard milk.

The authority also imposed huge fines on the violators, according to the Authority’s spokesperson.

Sharing details about the crackdown, the spokesperson said that the Swabi food safety team conducted a checkpoint on Jahangira Road, inspecting vehicles carrying food items.

During the checking, 800 liters of counterfeit beverages were recovered from one vehicle.

Similarly acting on a tip-off, the Nowshera team chased a vehicle and found 1,200 liters of fake beverages. The spokesperson further explained that the owners of the counterfeit beverages were fined heavily, and further action was initiated under the Food Safety Act.

In another operation, the Malakand food safety team inspected food businesses in the Sakhakot Bazaar. During the inspections, 200 liters of substandard milk were found and disposed of, with fines imposed on the violators.

The Mardan food safety team, meanwhile, also collected samples of various food items from Takht Bhai Bazar using a mobile food testing lab. They discarded spoiled oil on the spot and seized 80 kg of prohibited and expired items, finding the owners.

Director General Wasif Saeed commended the food safety teams for their successful operations and emphasized the need to continue efforts to eradicate the adulteration mafia from the province. He asserted that the crackdown on adulteration in food items would persist without any leniency.

KP Food Secretary Zariful Maani appealed to citizens to promptly inform the food authority teams about elements involved in adulteration, urging them to fulfill their responsibility as vigilant citizens.

KP Minister for Food Zahir Shah Toru, in a statement, praised the food authority for its continuous actions against the adulteration mafia. He instructed the food safety teams to ensure the inspection of industries, distributors, and wholesalers. Zahir Shah reiterated that providing hygiene and quality food to the citizens is the top priority of the provincial government.


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