PTI’s Shibli Faraz, Raja Basharat, Zartaj Gul and Zain Qureshi secure bail in May 9 cases

RAWALPINDI: An anti-terrorism court in Rawalpindi has approved the bail applications of PTI leaders Shibli Faraz, Raja Basharat, Zartaj Gul, Zain Qureshi and several others in cases related to the May 9 violent riots.

ATC judge Malik Ijaz Asif conducted Wednesday’s proceedings wherein more than 500 individuals accused in the May 9 cases appeared before the court.

The court confirmed the bails of up to 25 accused, including Shibli Faraz, Raja Basharat, Zartaj Gul and Zain Qureshi.

It also accepted Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Ali Amin Gandapur’s petition for exemption from attendance, directing him to appear on the next hearing which will take place at the Adiala Jail.

Later, the court adjourned the hearing till May 29.


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