BLA’s ‘most wanted’ terrorist arrested in Karachi’s Lyari

KARACHI: Karachi’s Lyari area witnessed the arrest of a high-profile terrorist affiliated with the outlawed Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), announced Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) South, Asad Raza, on Sunday.

Identified as Mairaj alias Mama, the arrested militant played a crucial role in providing intelligence to BLA commander Jalal. Notably, in 2017, Mairaj conducted surveillance on an army convoy traveling from Turbat to Gwadar in Balochistan, facilitating a deadly attack that resulted in the martyrdom of Pakistan Army personnel.

According to DIG South Raza, the terrorist was also involved in espionage activities targeting a military encampment situated within a school premises in Balochistan’s Naseerabad, leading to fatal assaults on soldiers.

Furthermore, Mairaj assisted in the assassination of four individuals, who happened to be relatives of an intelligence agency officer, by gathering intelligence on them, the DIG revealed.

Additionally, the arrested militant played a role in orchestrating an attack on the Gwadar Port during the holy month of Ramadan, claiming the lives of several soldiers.

In another incident, Mairaj was implicated in an assault on army personnel in Nushki, resulting in the tragic loss of many lives.


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