Victim of Karachi paragliding accident takes to social media to clear the air about harrowing experience

KARACHI – Karachi local, Muskaan Idrees, a victim of a paragliding accident that took place last month has posted on social media recently to clarify facts about the unfortunate incident that befell herself and her family at the HMR waterfront beach.

The Karachi Gliding Club is the owner and operator of the tandem powered paragliding apparatus that went down into the sea resulting in severe injuries to the victim.

In a Facebook post on a public forum yesterday, she explained how on Sunday, February 25th, 2024, her husband, 11-month-old son, mother-in-law, and herself visited HMR Waterfront for a paragliding ride, booked online. Arriving around 6 pm, they found it was closing time, and she was to be the last participant.

“I was provided with a life jacket, helmet, and a selfie stick. Without properly checking the equipment, I was quickly launched into the air. After only 2.5 minutes when we were almost at the top of Emaar, the parachute string got entangled in the fan, causing it to stop abruptly, leading to a fall into the sea”, she defined the ordeal.

“I managed to unfasten my belt, but my foot got stuck in the pedal, leaving me struggling in the water while calling for help for almost 8 to 9 minutes. The Karachi Gliding Club had no rescue protocols. It was only through a stroke of luck that a private speed boat, owned by a doctor from South City out on a family picnic, appeared and rescued me. Allah granted me a new life”, she said in her post.

“I was rushed to South City ER, where it was discovered I had multiple fractures in my back, damage to my ribcage, and trapped air in my lungs. After five days of immobility, I underwent a 4 hours surgery at AKUH, where two Harrington rods and twelve screws were implanted in my back”.

In her post, she has attached all relevant evidence supporting her claims including X-rays of her spine and medical bills.

“Presently, I am bedridden. I cannot hold, lift or feed my baby. The physical and mental trauma endured by me and my family, especially my child, is profound. I am attaching all relevant evidence and demand justice for the negligence that led to this ordeal. Also I did not sign any liability waiver form”, she said.

She ended her post on a positive note saying, “My recovery journey is ongoing, and your understanding and support are invaluable during this challenging time. I hope my experience will prompt positive change and prevent similar incidents in the future.”



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