Court sends Imran Riaz on 5-day physical remand in terrorism case

LAHORE: Renowned anchorperson Imran Riaz Khan has been sent on a five-day physical remand over terrorism charges shortly after being granted bail in a corruption case related to an alleged inflated contract for Dharabi Lake in Chakwal.

In the terrorism case, an anti-terrorism court judge rejected the Investigation Officer’s (IO) request for a 15-day physical remand and instead granted a 5-day remand. This case involves accusations of arson and stone-pelting at police officials outside the residence of PTI founder Imran Khan in Zaman Park, Lahore.

Following the court hearing, Imran Riaz stated, “God is greatest, and no one is more powerful than God.” He expressed unwavering faith and determination, alleging that the accusations are politically motivated and orchestrated at the behest of a woman, without explicitly naming her (presumed to be newly-elected Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz).

Bail proceedings in corruption case

During the proceedings for the corruption case, the anti-corruption authority requested time to produce the case records. The judge, visibly displeased, questioned the need for more time. Imran Riaz’s counsel, Ali Mian Ashfaq, argued that the authorities were using delaying tactics. Despite assurances from the anti-corruption lawyer to produce the records promptly, the judge remained adamant.

Upon the production of records, the additional prosecutor claimed that new sections had been added, seeking recovery from the accused. The petitioner’s counsel countered, stating that the charges were baseless and emphasised that the contract for the lake had undergone due process. After thorough arguments, the judge granted post-arrest bail to Imran Riaz.

Physical remand in anti-terrorism case

Before the decision on bail in the corruption case, Imran Riaz faced proceedings in the anti-terrorism court. The police sought a 15-day physical remand, citing an FIR registered on March 13, 2023, involving charges of stone-pelting, throwing petrol bombs, and intervening in state matters.

The accused’s counsel highlighted his client’s history of being implicated in allegedly bogus cases, emphasising that he was merely covering the incident for Bol TV. The defence argued that ample videos were available to establish innocence, and the judge granted a 5-day physical remand for further investigation, including a requested photogrammetry test.

The anchorperson maintained his innocence, asserting that the evidence would confirm his non-involvement in the alleged activities.


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