Former PTI minister Hamayun Akhtar decides to join IPP

LAHORE: Former federal minister Hamayun Akhtar has decided to join the fledgling Istehkam-i-Pakistan Party (IPP).

According to media reports,  matters regarding joining the IPP have been settled between the former PTI commerce minister and the leadership of the Istehkam-i-Pakistan Party. Hamayun Akhtar will announce his decision in a presser to be held later today at 3 pm in the presence of IPP founder Jehangir Khan Tareen and party President Abdul Aleem Khan.

Tareen and other IPP leaders Ishaq Khakwani and Aun Chaudhry held a meeting with Akhtar at his residence a couple of days ago. The IPP leaders invited him to join the party. It bears mentioning that Akhtar left the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) in June over the May 9 incidents.

In the past, he has been associated with the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid.


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