Cotton production expected to decrease significantly this year

MULTAN: Cotton production in Pakistan is expected to decrease significantly this year, due to damage caused by whitefly and rains. This could lead to a decrease in the country’s textile exports.

According to the agri experts, the cotton crop target of 12.7 million bales is unlikely to be achieved, and production is expected to be limited to 9 million bales. This is 3.7 million bales less than the target.

The Meteorological Department failed to predict the unexpected rise in temperature and increase in whitefly attack, which has led to the current situation.
Cotton prices have fallen to Rs 19,000 per maund in Punjab and Rs 18,000 per maund in Sindh after falling by Rs 500 per maund.

Traders say that large export deals have been cancelled due to the fall in cotton quality caused by the whitefly attack.

The decrease in cotton production could have a significant impact on Pakistan’s economy. The textile industry is one of the country’s largest export sectors,
and it employs millions of people.

The government needs to take steps to support the cotton industry and help farmers recover from the losses they have incurred.


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