Going to jail in the monsoon

It seems that anyone who can, does, and you can get away with it, depending on how powerful you are. The Islamabad subordinate judiciary seems to be trying this out, with one civil judge neglecting the wounds of a teenage maid until they became infested with insects, leading to her having to seek bail. Meanwhile, an additional sessions judge convicted Imran Khan of lying about his Toshakhana gifts and sentenced him to three years in jail.

This time, it seems, the protests were nothing like on May 9. Instead of 9/6k, we had 5/8. Of course, now there begins the long process of appeals. Of course, if Imran could make out a human rights case, he could go to the Supreme Court straightaway.

This time, he has been arrested from his Lahore residence and taken to Kot Lakhpat jail for onward transmission to Attock Jail. One might remember that when Nawaz Sharif was in Kot Lakhpat, he was flooded with visitors, and the place became a sort of HQ for the PML(N). Will it become the same for the PTI? Should the snack vendors rush to Attock Jail?

Considering the loyalty Imran inspires, one would expect one or two self-immolations outside it. Or maybe someone committing harakiri. Or at least some of the party’s women’s workers could throw a fit outside, complete with frothing at the mouth and rhythmic head movements from side to side. Not to forget the drumming of the heels on the ground.

Of course, some of the signs of things to come were shown in the recent meeting of the Council of Common Interests, which approved the results of the census this year. If those results are notified, the ECP will be bound to carry out delimitations accordingly. But those delimitations can only be used if Parliament passes a constitutional amendment. That it can’t do.

While everyone tries to square the circle, the Additional Sessions Judge Islamabad was handing down this sentence, and a civil judge iat the same station was saving his wife for not just beating their maid, but leaving her wounds to get infested. That implies that the girl was made to work after being beaten, in the mugginess of the monsoon, and probably in contact with water.

It seems the judges of Islamabad have a problem: their wives. Back in 2026, an additional session judge had to defend his wife after she allegedly injured their maid.

Maybe judicial officers marry strong women, Maybe the maids they get are so poor that they can’t complain. As we know, the Chief Justice of Pakistan himself has had to keep to himself the appeal against his brother-in-law’s bail by the Punjab Anti-Corruption Establishment. He also issued a stay against proceedings which would have seen his mother-in-law have to appear before a commission of enquiry. One hopes there are no maids in his house.

Of course, one could legitimately wonder why the husband kept quiet at the treatment of the maid.After all, it was so bad that he couldn’t help noticing. Well, the person doing the wondering has obviously never been married.

Meanwhile, it seems that the story of the Love Jihad has become more complicated than the BJP and the UP government present it, of Muslims inveigling Hindus into marriage. After a Hindu Indian girl travelled all the way from India to KP to marry her love, a Chinese girl also travelled to KP for the same reason. Both couples got acquainted while playing PUBG. Funny, I had heard the PUBG craze was more or less over. So now it’s a dating app?

India has got other women troubles. The Indian Opposition has moved a vote of no-confidence against the PM. It knows it has no hope of removing Narendra Modi, but it wants to bring the Manipur stripping case in Parliament. Modi has been ducking condemning the incident, because it was carried out by supporters.

Of course, in Pakistan, Imran was against it, because he had not been involved. He has also been said to be exercised by the fact that he had had nothing to do with the Islamia University Bahawalpur scandal, said to involve scandalous videos of many teachers and students. The scandal is being hushed up, because one of the students is the son of somebody in the federal cabinet. Imran has got other videos to live down.



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