IHC seeks police action against criminals using LEA uniforms

ISLAMABAD: Expressing grave concern over criminal activities of individuals who have been reported to wear Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) security agencies uniforms in the federal capital, the Islamabad High Court issued directives to take stern action against delinquents involved in heinous crimes.

Issuing a written order on Saturday, a day after the high court heard the recovery case of Murad Akbar, brother of a former premier’s adviser on interior and accountability Shahzad Akbar, Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani stated that a gang was involved in these activities.

As per the court order, authorities should file a separate case against these criminals and submit a copy of it to the court.

The court was further informed that a first information report (FIR) had been registered in the case of Murad’s disappearance, the written order maintained. The IHC’s order came after the ministries of defence and interior and DIG Operations informed it that neither the Rangers, nor counterterrorism department (CTD) or police officials had picked up the ex-SAPM’s brother.

The order also stated that it is the responsibility of law enforcement agencies to deal with such incidents.

Directing secretary interior DG Rangers and IG Islamabad to appear in person on June 5, the IHC stated that “the protection of life and property of citizens is the responsibility of the state”.

A day earlier, Justice Kayani had said that people were being picked up by men “dressed in” Rangers and police uniforms but “nobody cares”.

At the outset of the hearing, the advocate general apprised the court of the case details. Following this, the IHC inquired if the people who came to “pick up” Murad were from the counterterrorism department (CTD) or from the paramilitary force. The DIG police confirmed that they were neither of them.

The court then questioned, “Who is seen in the footage?”. To this, the DIG replied that they will look into the footage of the incident but required some time.

Irked at the remark, the judge stated that, “Millions of rupees have been spent on the Safe City project, personal videos of people are recorded and uploaded, but they [law enforcers] do not catch thieves and robbers.”

Justice Kayani maintained that if the DG does not appear at the next hearing, he will summon the interior minister on the next date. “If he still does not come, I will call the prime minister,” he maintained, adding that if “you can’t maintain peace in an area measuring 36 kms, then you people should go back to your homes”.



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