New group emerges in struggle for PUATA office

LAHORE: On the horizon of Punjab University’s political scene, a new group has emerged in the struggle for the PU Administrative and Technical Staff Association (PUATA) office, with a “lofty” claim of solving the problem the employees are grappling with in individual or collective capacity.

President of the newly-formed group – Akhuwat – Ehsan Aslam informed that Punjab University employees are confronted with a host of issues for years. “All the other groups, though have been making tall claims to resolve the longstanding problems, no concrete steps could be taken so far to ameliorate employees suggerings”.

The President claimed that the Akhuwat Group could be relied upon in this regard, as it had many ways or suggestions to lessen the woes of the employees.  He said the basic objective of this group was to highlight the issues of employees and resolve them within the legal framework.

Mr Aslam said among other issues the PU employees were confronted with, the top one is about those highly educated folks working in C and D category. In the past, these particular folks pinned hopes on other group but their efforts did not bear any fruit. Aslam said, “However Akhuwat has an answer to this particular issue and that is the educational increment, through which not only they would be benefitted financially but it would also draw a fine line between highly educated and suitable persons while remaining in the same cadre”.

“This way of approaching problem is workable as PU Calendar provides a provision in this regard. The formula copy for this purpose has been attached with our manifesto”, said the President adding in the past this increment used to be given to employees however this process stopped functioning during Pervaiz Musharraf’s period.  Once elected, this new face of things which is financially beneficial for employees would be introduced on priority basis, He concluded.


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