DRCs play key role in speedy, fair solution to social problems: RPO

SWAT: Regional Police Officer Malakand, Sajjad Khan lauded the significant role of Dispute Resolution Councils (DRCs), in sustainable solution to issues faced by the masses, saying DRCs playing a key role in speedy and fair solution to social problems at local level of society without any cost or financial benefit.

RPO Sajjad Khan expressed the views while presiding over meeting of DRC Swat on Tuesday at Regional Police Office Saidu Sharif Swat. Chairman and members of all local DRCs belonging to Swat attend the meeting.

The RPO reviewed overall performance of all DRCs in terms of public services delivery through their decisions and agreed with the form to include some proposals to make more effective the council for speedy provision of services in resolving social problems. The RPO also learned about various problems faced by DRCs and assured their solution.

On the occasion, the RPO said that the DRC forum provides services according to the basics teaching of Islam and directions of beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) for maintaining peace and reconciliation among people.

He said that DRCs were the best system for sustainable solution to social problems outside the courts which were yielding best results and lessoning burden on regular courts.

He said that Jirga system is an organized part of Pakhtun traditions and efficacy and results of which have also been recognized at the international level. Keeping in mind the same enology of such Jirga system’s efficiency and following the Pakhtun traditions, the DRC model has been introduced with legal cover so that to resolve the basic civic issues outside the court and police station on mutual understanding.

He further said that the DRCs have played a magnificent role in this regard, while solved a number of complex cases with sustainable manner in society.

He said that the DRC composition was based on educated and dignified members of society and the same council has played the role as a protector of the oppressed people.




Syed Shahabuddin
Syed Shahabuddin
Reporter at Pakistan Today


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