Digital policing

Since the start of the year, Karachi and parts of Sindh have experienced an uptick in street crimes, robberies, and kidnappings. This raised fear among the citizens as well as public outrage against the negligent attitude of law enforcement agencies. Although the provincial government and municipal authorities offered reassurances of action against gangs and mafias, the law-and-order situation in the province remains dire.

To address the high crime rate, the Information and Technology branch of Sindh Police introduced the ‘Talash’ application to facilitate investigation and root out criminal elements. The app offered Karachiites some comfort as it would help the police trace suspects and recover the citizens’ stolen items. Globally, digital applications and initiatives have picked pace and allowed law enforcement agencies to better tackle crimes. Therefore, this app offers the Sindh police a chance to restore the confidence of the public and revive peace and harmony in the province.

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The Sindh police should fully activate the application across Karachi to tackle street crimes and robberies. This will also allow the police to test the effectiveness of the app and resolve any technical issues. The app should be launched in other parts of the province as well to curb the rising crime rate. The public must also support the police initiative by lodging their complaints and providing them with sufficient details to catch the criminals.



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