Flood was not our fault

The recent floods in Pakistan displaced and injured millions of people. The authorities failed to rescue the citizens in time, and many of them lost their lives. There was water and suffering in most parts of Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. People were left stranded, surrounded by water and nothing but skies overhead.

The situation post-flood is no less harrowing. The survivors lack essential supplies and are afflicted with various diseases, with scarcity of life-saving drugs making the situation even more miserable. With winter setting in, the situation is all set to get worse.

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Pakistan has suffered a loss of billions of dollars. It has paid the price of bowing down to powerful monsters and bore the brunt of global capitalism. The government should stand firm against these countries and demand not just the rehabilitation of the flood victims, but also a blanket waiver from all international debts and financial commitments.

If the world ignores this rightful demand, the government should sue all these industrialist countries in the International Court of Justice for the climate change phenomenon which has caused heavy rains in this region.



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