Letter: Request to open a new school in the area

Dear sir,

It is submitted to the government, through your esteemed newspaper, that the area in which I live, is far away from the main city and where necessities of life have been provided only recently.

As a result of the provision of gas, water and electricity to this neighbourhood, the denizens have started increasing rapidly because of its connectivity with the main road.

However, it is regretted to mention that the area lacks a school facility to provide education to the rising number of children who have to go to far-off areas for studies. This requires transportation and a good amount of time is also spent. This is especially difficult for girls who, mostly, belong to lower- and middle-class families.

In light of the above, I’d request the government to open a school in this area so the children like us could continue their studies without any difficulties.

I hoped the school education department would take prompt action in this regard.

Aisha Liaquat
Kasur Road, Lahore


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