BISP and flood victims

In the wake of the recent floods, many people and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are helping the flood-affected people. One of the ways to support poor people is the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP). But unfortunately, even in this technological era, the government has only one payment disbursement plan routed through a single commercial bank. I fail to understand why the ATM machines of other banks are not used by the BISP.

After all, the payment is sent online to the card which is like a debit card, and that can be, and should be, used at any available ATM with the relevant link. Why is it limited to the ATMs of just one bank?

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People are already worried about their homes and livelihoods, and this hurdle is adding to their difficulties. They have to wait in queues for hours before they can have a chance of drawing the money.

The authorities concerned should make the disbursement process easy and logical by including all ATM machines for the purpose. Else, what is the use of these machines? These folks deserve the same respect as the customers of different banks. The government should direct the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) to facilitate all BISP beneficiaries through all commercial banks operating anywhere in the country.



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