Court sends Dua Zehra to Darul Amaan

LAHORE: A session court here on Tuesday ordered shifting of Dua Zehra, the free will marriage girl, to Darul Amaan after her statement about severe threats to her life.

According to details, the girl’s statement was recorded by the session court on Tuesday in which she demanded to be shifted to Darul Amaan, citing grave threats to her safety. The court ordered shifting of Dua Zehra to Darul Amaan at her request.

Earlier on July 17, the Sindh Home Department allowed the police to recover Dua Zehra and arrest her ‘husband’ Zaheer Ahmed in the alleged kidnapping case.

Teenage girl Dua Zehra went missing from her house in Karachi on April 16 and later surfaced and announced to marry Zaheer in Lahore.


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