Irsa raises water share of provinces as rivers start swelling

ISLAMABAD: Irsa has increased the water share of all the provinces in the wake of improved water inflow in rivers due to melting of glaciers on mountains following severe heat, and monsoon rains on Saturday.

According to Irsa, due to recent monsoon showers and long spell of heatwave in northern areas which has triggered glaciersí melting, the water inflow in rivers has increased. Dams are storing more water and canals have also been run, the water body said.

Irsa says that in view of greater water inflow, it has raised the water share of provinces. It says that total water inflow in rivers is 254,000 cusecs while water storage in dams has reached 600,000 cusecs.

It further says that water flow in Sindh River at Tarbela is 180,000 cusecs. Whereas, outflow from Tarbela Dam stands at 120,000 cusecs.

The water flow in Kabul River at Noshera is 35,000 cusecs, while the water flow in Chashma barrage has been recorded at 157,000 cusecs.

In South Punjab, the water flow at Chashma-Jehlum tributary canal is 5,000 cusecs, while in Mangla Dam, the water flow at Jehlum River has been recorded at 45,000 cusecs.

In Chenab River, the water flow at Marala is 74,000 cusecs, while in Taunsa barrage, the water flow has been recorded at 99,000 cusecs.

Irsa says the water level is also increasing in Sindh barrages. In Gaddu barrage, water inflow is 72,000 cusecs.

In Sukkur barrage, the water flow is 55,000 cusecs and in Kotri barrage the water flow has been recorded at 19,000 cusecs.



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