The political sect cult

The appropriate word for the group of supporters that Imran Khan has given birth to is a political cult.

To make it easier to understand, it can be called the next level of “populism”.  This English term, like other terms, has evolved.  In the beginning, it was special for the civilized.  In modern times it has also been used for groups that come under the influence of a charismatic personality and give it the same status as its founder in a religious sect.  That is, free from error, the standard of truth and above criticism.

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If such personalities are in politics, then the nature of affiliation with them is the same as that found in religious sects.  Since the basis of “cult” is not rational, argument based dialogue with such groups is not possible.  Religion is based on immature faith, so religious groups have similar beliefs about their leaders and ideas.

Populism is such a political process.  It presents a simple solution to the complex problems facing the people and under the influence of the charismatic personality of an individual, the people are made to believe that the determination of a single individual can save the nation from problems.  Hate is used as the main weapon against the political characters in it.  By creating excitement, the people are deprived of their ability to think and understand.  Thus, populism gives birth to a political cult.

We were seeing that the powerful state institution was marketed in a very cohesive manner and intelligently keeping in view the psyche of this nation that Imran Khan was very honest.  A T-shirt with fur was shown.  Sometimes Imran Khan was shown resting on a broken shoe, eating a hundred loaves of bread with tea and sometimes on a broken four pie.

The marketing was so brilliant that even ordinary people, great intellectuals and the intelligentsia of this country were impressed by this marketing and they started seeing a messiah in the form of Imran Khan who will come and change the destiny of Pakistan.  ۔  Streams of milk and honey will start flowing in Pakistan.  The rule of law will prevail.  The lion and the goat will drink water from a pier.  Merit will be a far cry.

However, what Imran did with the nation is difficult to teach his blind followers.  The drama was created to cover up the failure of the PTI government on the economic front, money budget, wasteful administration and mismanagement and to avoid embarrassment at the national level and the failed team of thugs decided to become political martyrs instead of taking responsibility.  What  Niazi tried to sew up nationalist rhetoric to highlight the government’s dismissal on the cards.  This was Niazi’s madness but he should know that he will become Bhutto. He is Niazi.

Mr Niazi, the whole state and state machinery were with you, you still failed on every front, and now you are fighting the state and showing new dreams of change !!!  Your existence is only in speeches. In the field of action, you have given the nation nothing but disappointment, division, deception, deception and utopia.  The captain had fought the last election on the statement of corruption of Nawaz Sharif and Zardari.  This time, his program is to contest elections on anti-US and anti-military rhetoric.  This is a dangerous move, like playing with fire.  We have seen the fate of Saddam Gaddafi and Bhutto.  It seems that the captain’s tongue will be closed in a few days by showing some files etc.  If not, the result will be a lot of trouble.

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I don’t know the fate of Pakistan and how many sad nights have been written.  How many sad generations have gone to sleep under the dust of Naseem Sehar’s wish?  I don’t know how far this morning is.  More than one level is written in the destiny of this country.

Muhammad Amin


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