Federal Shariat Court sets up branch registry in Swat

SWAT: Acting Chief Justice Federal Shariat Court (FSC), Justice Dr Syed Muhammad Anwar on Thursday expressed his hope that the establishment of Federal Shariat Court Branch Registry in Swat will play a great role in the dispensation quick justice people of this region.

Acting FSC Chief Justice Dr Syed Muhammad Anwar was addressing the inaugural ceremony of FSC Branch Registry at Peshawar High Court Mingora Bench in Swat here.

The FSC branch registry has been established in Swat to facilitate lawyers and applicants of this region.

The FSC CJ inaugurated the branch registry along with Justice Khadim Hussain M Sheikh, Justice Muhammad Naeem Anwar and Justice Muhammad Ijaz Khan.

Addressing the function, Dr Syed Muhammad Anwar said that with the establishment of this office of the Federal Shariah Court, applicants and lawyers would no longer have to travel to Peshawar and Islamabad for their cases.

He expressed gratitude to the Chief Justice Peshawar High Court and Registrar for allocating space for the FSC branch registry.

It is important to mention here that earlier the lawyers and applicants of Swat and Malakand divisions had to go to Peshawar and Islamabad for hearing of their cases.


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