Water crisis

Water is an element of crucial value for all the creation of the world and for its populace. It is a vital element of life, part and parcel of the core of every civilization that ever existed but the water resources are running out due to unbridle usage of this natural factor at all levels.

Water the stimulus to the blue planet has been wasting at large unwittingly at the domestic level. Statistics show a layman wastes up to 30 gallons of water daily while somewheres masses even do not have access to clean water for basic needs. Commonly, people waste water while brushing their teeth, shaving, washing the utensils keeping the tap running and drinking water directly from the tap. One of the major causes of wasting water is leaked nozzles and toilets, one may believe it is of minor significance but the little drips can add up and incessant leakage causes 8000 gallons of water to be wasted per year. Household wastage of water includes excessive and blind usage of water in the kitchen. Climate change is exaggerating everything happening in relation to water, the proliferating imbalance is being felt globally. Water crisis to the country is more dangerous than terrorism as per PCRWR reports Pakistan has crossed the “water scarcity line” in 2005. Pakistan has formulated its first-ever National Water Policy (NPC). We are in dire need to implement the policy in letter and spirit instead to pay lip service only. Water scarcity has become a major hurdle to socio-economic development and a threat to livelihood. One may rethink before wasting water, it ensures life flourish economy, therefore, the scope of crisis includes many actors, we should pay heed to conserve it at all level without it there is no life.

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Nankana Sahib

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