Bride trafficking

The religious minorities of Pakistan have always been left forsaken by the administration of Pakistan at the times of their predicaments. The minorities especially the young non-muslim girls became the prey of influential and mighty thugs and are coerced to spent their entire lives with their predators so-called their husbands.

Concerning the conversions, it is estimated by Human Rights Commission Of Pakistan that every year there is ratio of “one thousand” of newly converted Muslim girls. Most of the times the girls are minor and belong to the religion of Hinduism and Christianity. There are a number of incidents that quote the heart-sinking occurrence encountered by the discriminated group. In a recent conversation with the parents of an abducted girl named Simran Kumari, who lived in the city of Mirpur Matheli in Sindh’s Northern Ghotki district, during the interview the parents of the captured girl expressed their despairing regards on reclaiming their daughter. They expressed that they are not able to retrieve their daughter as the girl herself threatened to file a FIR against them if they tried to interfere in any matter regarding her conversion. There is not just a single case of Simran. However, it is the concern of thousands of girls who are left at the hands of the callous justice system of Pakistan.

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