Heart disease in Pakistan

At present, approximately 2380 deaths worldwide are caused by heart attacks every year. In the coronary heart attack deaths, Pakistan is ranked 18 out of 183 countries of the world according to global health rankings.

In a conference, Dr Naeem Malik, chairman of the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, said that 47 people die of heart attack every hour in Pakistan. According to cardiologists, the main cause of heart diseases is high blood pressure, smoking, and non-exercise. According to a global report, 17 million deaths occur every year in the world, and 19% of deaths in Pakistan are due to heart attacks, which has reached 29%.

Medical experts should immediately investigate this as part of their research paper, that What are the causes of the spread of the disease, which has been increasing rapidly every year.

In Pakistan, The National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) has been gaining worldwide recognition for the establishment of satellite centres in every district of Sindh with all free treatment of heart diseases. NICVD is the first and largest flagship institute of heart diseases in Asia.

The government of Pakistan should expand free heart care services overall the country by establishing medical institutions same as NICVD as well as providing information on prevention and treatment of this alarming disease through social awareness campaigns for healthy diet and lifestyle in the public.



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