Yet another farce

One gets sick of the loud babblings about holding the local body elections via electronic voting machines (EVMs). The federal and all provincial governments were not willing to hold the local government elections. They were only forced to do so under the order of the supreme court.
Given a choice, federal and provincial governments have no interest in empowering people through grassroots elections. They thrive by denying the people their democratic rights. They use the funds for local bodies to hoodwink people and are not willing to pass the funds to local governments. What the PTI did in Punjab — that is passing laws about local body elections without consulting with opposition parties — the PPP did the same in Sindh. The PPP and other opposition parties are crying foul against the PTI-led federal government while the PTI’s Sindh chapter and other opposition parties in the province are doing the same against the PPP. This is a plain mockery of the system and making a fool out of people who are already suffering immensely due to inflation and rising unemployment. However, federal ministers, chief ministers and provincial ministers are busy mudslinging each other. They need to avoid washing their dirty laundry in the public and focus on problems they are elected to solve.
Raja Shafaatullah

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