Human rights conundrum

In 1948, the United Nations General Assembly adopted ‘Human Rights Day’ and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). The Rights embodied in the UDHR forms most democracies globally and countries recognise them, at least principally. Human rights are intrinsic and reflect the minimum standard necessary for people to live with dignity.
However, the actual situation is distant from the ideals envisioned in the declaration. Unfortunately, after seven decades of declaration of human rights at the UN, the world is witnessing a violation of human rights more than ever. Global inequities, the proliferation of armed conflicts and violence, democracy deficits, and weak institutions are some of the major hurdles. The violations have been further exacerbated because of economic inequality and climate change. From the state’s point of view, rulers lack the political will and the courage to implement the key principles of UDHR. Discrimination is rampant and curbs on free speech are becoming normal. The power to question public authority for poor treatment is violated in the guise of national interests. In authoritarian regimes, torture and political imprisonments, often without trials, are commonplace.
People around the world are being stripped of from key values of society such as fairness, equality and respect. Given the complexity of the problem, individuals, civil society, human rights organisations and watchdogs need an effective multilateral approach to raise awareness through public seminars, debates, campaigns and advertisements. They must exert pressure on those in power. To raise awareness amongst the people, public demonstrations should be staged around the world to draw attention towards the rampant human rights violations.
Hamza Razaq
Lakki Marwata

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