6 severely burned after fire breaks out around Korangi Industrial Area

Six people were severely burned after a fire broke out on Wednesday in the underground line of the National Oil Refinery (NOR) near the Korangi Industrial area in Mehran Town, Karachi.

As per the details, the explosion occurred when work was being done on the refinery’s underground line, which led to the blaze where six people, including four labourers and a security officer were burned.

It is pertinent to note that the incident occurred near Mehran Town’s sector 15.

Ambulances from the Chhipa Foundation rushed to the location after the fire was reported and shifted the injured to the hospital, with the help of the area’s residents.

As per the spokesperson of the fire brigade, the fire was brought under control by two fire tenders from the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation and one from the NOR.

After the explosion, a Suzuki high-roof and a digging tractor were burnt, along with the paraphernalia from four makeshift houses nearby.

According to the eyewitnesses, after the excavation began at 3 am with a digging tractor, there was a spark that soon caused a loud explosion and then a fire. Four line workers, a security guard, and a resident fell far away from the explosion with their bodies ablaze.

Chhipa personnel – with the help of residents – helped extinguish the fires from their bodies and rushed them to a hospital.

The injured were identified as 30-year-old Azizullah son of Amanullah, 38-year-old Shafiullah son of Alam Khan, 45-year-old Magar Khan son of Umar Gul, and 30-year-old Tufail son of Ramazan.



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